Game Objective & Overview
How to win and the basics.
Card Types & Colors
The different types of cards in the games and rarity colors.
There is a lot of customization available when choosing from over 200 cards to build your deck.
Game Structure
To start playing you will need, 1 Hero Profession card and your 50 card deck.
What happens at the start and end of your turn.
How & when to use Tokens.
Boons & Conditions
What do they do and when do they do it.
Special Abilities
Abilities and Card Special texts
Questions and Answers.

Game Objective & Overview

The objective of the game is to defeat the opponent’s Hero.
Each player's Hero will start with 80 Health Points, the first person to deal 80 Damage to the opponent's Hero wins. Players will start by choosing a Profession and building a deck of 50 cards each (10 Skill & 40 Minion).
Every turn players will gain one additional Endurance and use it to summon Minion or Skill cards to damage the opponent’s Minions or Hero.

Card Types & Colors

There are a few different types of cards in the game, the ones you'll play with are Profession, Minion and Skills Cards.

There are 3 Rarities of card, you can tell the rarity by the color of the damage icon and border around the image of the character.


Your deck must consist of 50 cards (10 Skills cards and 40 Minion Cards). The Profession card is not part of your deck, but will be used as your Hero.Once you must choose your Profession, this will then allow you to choose your 10 Skill cards and 40 minions of any rarity.

Game Structure

Board Locations:


Players will take turns using their Endurance to summon Minions or use Skills.

Both players start the game with 3 cards. Start by drawing 6 cards and putting 3 back then shuffle your deck before you begin.

At the start of each turn players will get 1 extra Endurance token and draw 1 card.

The player who goes first will start with 1 Endurance and the players going second starts with 2 Endurance.

When you Summon a card it will not be activated until the end of your turn. When you summon a card place it down sideways. At the end of your turn, turn the card straight to activated for your next turn.

You will also need to keep track of some Conditions, Boons or Card Abilities that need to be removed at the end of your or your opponents turn.


Token are used to easily show the status of the Hero, Minions and more.
There are Tokens for Damage, Endurance, Taunt, Conditions & Boons.

Both players must be vigilant and keep on top of all the Tokens on the board, it’s the brain of the game and without them the game wouldn’t work.
Some Tokens Stack, some only last 1 turn. It is up to each player to keep track and ensure everything runs smoothly.
If you forget to place or remove a token on your turn, that Conditions, Boon or Taunt will not take effect.
You cannot place a token if it is not your turn.

Boons & Conditions

There are 6 Boons & Conditions in the game, they are caused by attacks, hero abilities or special card text.


When a Boon is applied to a Minion or Hero, place the corresponding Token on top of that Card.


If your card inflicts a condition as well as dealing Damage, that condition is applied after any damaged caused by that Card.

Special Abilities

A lot of cards have special abilities and times in which that ability happens.


Q: What happens if a card with a “do X when friendly minions are defeated” dies at the same time as other cards?
A: If that card is Defeated at the same time it will still do its ability for the other cards that were Defeated. So if 2 other cards were Defeated at the same time, do X 2 times.


I would like to say a special thank you to:
Matthew Vogt (SnowBird) for Building & constantly improving the Tabletop Simulator Mod.
Chris Goodwin (Link) for making the Printable Version easy and accessible.
Kyle Newman (Delos-X) for your feedback and design work.

Thank You
- Luke